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      Acrylic Display Boxes

      Our display cases are designed, developed and manufactured in the US, to an extremely high standard of quality. A great deal of care is taken to quality check each product and ensure sufficient packaging for local and international shipping.

      Why Do Our Display Cases Use Screws?

      You may have seen other flat-packed display cases on the market without screws holding it together. We purposely do not design our cases that way, as they have a number of disadvantages. Without screws, the display case is not secure, so if you try to lift it up, it will simply fall apart. Some designs out there have hooks. These have a similar issue and these hook break easily.

      Our design team here at Pure Display are not just about selling display cases. We are practical about how you are likely to use the case after you have bought it. Our cases can be lifted up away from the base, so you can easily put your collectable items on the base before placing the case back on top.