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      Welcome to the LightLego Affiliate Program!

      LightLego is the official online store for LightLego® products.We provide an easy way for LEGO® fans to customize their models using LED lights & MOC Design.

      LightLego happy to offer you the chance to join our team and earn yourself a little extra cash! That's right, by simply signing up to join our affiliate program, you will earn referral commissions by directing customers to our site.To learn more about

      Affiliate Program and how it is they make earning money with us so easy, check out our page and then jump in and get started by following these simple steps:

      Getting Started

      1) Sign up to be part of the program and apply online.

      Please click here Click here to become an LightLego affiliate.

      2) Link to LightLego from your website

      3) Earn up to 10% commission from qualified sales directed from your site
      4) That's it! You're making money with LightLego!

      How does it work?

      We said it's simple and we mean it! All you need to do, after joining the program, is link to our site from yours. The links contain a special code that tracks from what site a customer visits from and when they place an order with us, you receive a commission of 10% from every item they purchase!


      It's free and easy to join,Get up and running today.

      2.Choose from our products to advertise to your customers.

      Whether you are a large network, content site, social media influencer or blogger, we have simple linking tools to meet your advertising needs and help you monetize.

      3.Get up to 10% in commissions on successful referrals. 

      Earn commissions from all qualifying purchases, not just the products you advertised. Plus, our competitive conversion rates help you maximize your earnings.

      How to get started?

      Sign up to be part of the program. Within three days, we will review your application; once it is approved, you will receive an email with further instructions on getting set up to start making money with us.