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      Thanks for choosing LightLEGO and coming to our Instructions page. We provide full fitting instructions for all our products. This includes all of our Light kits, Custom MOC brick sets and our signature Acrylic display boxes. For security reason we are unable to display the fitting instructions for these products openly to the public. However, we have made instructions easy and simple to obtain for all our customers in the following ways.


      1. LED Light Kits

      All LED light kit packaging comes with a QR code which upon scanning, will direct you to the corresponding online fitting instructions.
      For PDF versions of the fitting instructions, you may either leave us a note when ordering and we will send you the instructions in advance or you may email us with your request anytime after your order.


      2. Custom MOC Brick Sets


      We believe in providing our customers with the best prices and value possible. In order for us to do this, we only have electronic versions of the fitting instructions in PDF format  - which are all fully detailed with clear pictures guiding you every step of the way.  Please either leave us a note requesting the instructions for you MOC set when order or email us anytime after your order and they will be sent to you.


      3. Acrylic display boxes


      All display cases are supplied with standard paper fitting instructions.
      To contact us with any enquiries or to request an instruction guide for one of our products, please contacted us with direct contact form.